the book

About the book

Candyland. The word brings to mind the images of lollipops, sweets, and pink-clouds of cotton candy, but this is not the Candyland I am referring to. Candyland is the perfect word to describe my work over the past year. My work is how I got to know all of these beautiful and talented models featured here in my book. This book showcases how intimate my work is with these professionals and how I was able to capture these natural and sensual pictures of them. Candyland is all about meeting people, making good memories, and having a great time – exactly what life is all about.

shut up and take my money!

About me

Kai-Hendrik Schroeder was born in 1993. He is currently based in Lueneburg & Hamburg, Germany but traveling the world one step at a time. His work can be found in C-Heads Magazine, Sticks and Stones Agency, Offtherails Magazine, Hangover Magazine, Yume Magazine, Self-Control Magazine, Arsenic Magazine, YAF Magazine and many more. Clients include Acida, BLVCKDOPE, ARROGANZ, Gossengold,…

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